Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He Met Blake Lively While on a Double Date — With Someone Else!

Talk about the best first date of your life! Turns out, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds definitely has an awkward double date to thank for falling for his now-wife Blake Lively. The gorgeous duo, and new parents to their daughter James, is finally opening up about their first romantic encounter, and how this unexpected pair of friends became one of Hollywood’s most swoon worthy couples!


Having been crowned People‘s Sexiest Dad Alive, and having forever changed the style standard of date night, it’s safe to say that this hunky new dad is on-a-roll. Deadpool‘s leading man is finally opening up about his first date (which just so happened to include another couple) with his Gossip Girl-alum wife, and one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous leading ladies. The 39-year-old actor recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and People Editorial Director, Jess Cagle, to reveal that, while he and Lively, 28, were just “buddies” while filming Green Lantern together six years ago, they after it wrapped the two went on a fateful double date (with other people!) that led their relationship to be more.

Read the full story here.

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