A Guide to Festive Wedding Parades That Will Make Your Wedding So Extra


Following the sealed-with-a-kiss finale of your ceremonial “I Do’s,” the next step in your wedding journey is often a segment overlooked in traditional wedding plans: the route to the reception. For some couples, the method of transportation when heading towards your reception party, or cocktail fête, is transformed into a festivity of its own. What better way to kick-off an unforgettable night of dancing and celebration than with a wedding march jam-packed with big brass bands, extraordinary props, and a procession of your nearest and dearest. For the bride and groom, a wedding parade puts the members of the wedding party front and center as they lead guests from the ceremony site to the following scheduled location. We’ve gathered four global examples of how these parades have become a bash all their own….and why they’re too fun to miss!

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