This Woman Will Calculate Your Perfect Wedding Hashtag


When Happily Ever #Hashtagged founder Marielle Wakim found herself sorting through over 15 wedding invitations last year, she decided to turn the momentum from the nuptial chaos into a hashtag business that was far from the norm. “There’s an old adage that says necessity is the mother of all invention,” recalls Marielle, who before starting her moniker-based business focused her creativity as a full-time magazine editor. “Nearly all of those couples asked for help with their wedding hashtags because of my line of work,” explains Marielle. “They were all like, ‘Hey, you write words for a magazine! And you love puns! Can you help with our wedding hashtag?!,’ and those who didn’t ask, got ideas from me anyways (because it’s true, I do love puns).” Relying on her love of word play, Marielle found a missing link in the wedding industry and recognized the need for a business that could help engaged couples formulate an added piece of whimsy into the biggest day of their life. “I created a website on a whim and launched it in November of 2016 thinking I’d get maybe one or two orders a week. A month later, my story was told in The Cut, and then on ‘Good Morning America,’ and it’s been totally bonkers ever since.”

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